September 1981

Artist Statement September 1981

I use highly interactive, user friendly computer paint systems. Because of this, the transition from pigment (paint) to computers is not as great as one might imagine. Instead of mixing a pallet of paint before beginning to paint, I mix light to create a colormap. Colormaps and pallets are very similar. Each contains a specific set of colors. When working with pigment, I would choose brushes to paint with, of varying sizes according to my needs. On the computer I create the brushes I wish to use; thick ones, thin ones, multicolor ones. There is virtually no delay between the act of creating a picture on a computer and seeing it created. The picture happens in ‘real’ time. If I choose to change a color or remove a line, I can do it easily on a computer. I can work and rework a picture until it is exactly what I want and then have the computer give me a full color slide of the image. The image can also be stored in the computers memory, manipulated or transformed.

I am usually aware when I create an image on a computer of the medium it is intended for. I show my work as slides, photo- enlargesents, serigraphs, etchings, lithographs, murals, ceramics, video and film. Each medium has distinct properties and limitations.  All pictures do not translate well into all physical mediums.

This is currently an area of major concern to me. It bas led me to explore a number of imaging teclmiques. The work in my current show represents these explorations.

Darcy Gerbarg