The Syracuse Pictures   -   2016-2017

    The Syracuse Pictures are digital from start to finish, created, informed and controlled by Gerbarg’s physical gestures and sensibilities. They begin as colored light in a 3D virtual environment: colorful, expressive paint strokes that Gerbarg further develops into works on canvas. 

    Gerbarg exploits the functionality of computer graphics software and digital image making tools by putting on 3DVR goggles and making expressive, often whimsical gestures in explosions of color, referencing both the natural and built environments. Her hands and body perform physical gestures, in a three-dimensional virtual world, where she surrounds herself with brush strokes of colored light. Then, with a variety of digital imaging techniques, Gerbarg takes sections of this colorful, 3D virtual painting and creates impactful, moving, human scale, pictures on canvas. 

    Gerbarg is a third-generation abstract expressionist painter, who early in her creative practice, started working with digital tools. She was a visiting artist in several of the first computer graphics and 3D animation research facilities. 

    Gerbarg describes The Syracuse Pictures as 3DVR abstract paintings on canvas. They’re originals, not copies. They’re paintings, or as Mark Borghi says, “prints with a painting backstory.” 

    The viewer feels the movement and depth of space in these pictures because the images start out as expressive physical gestures in a three-dimensional environment. These digital paintings “carry a distinct time stamp of today,” Magdalena Sawon, Postmasters Gallery.

    Gerbarg grew up in the foothills of the Catskills, surrounded by cornfields and mountains. She lives in New York City and has exhibited her work internationally.

    This new 3DVR painting on canvas is one of The Syracuse Pictures.  It was painted in a virtual world at the Future Reality Lab, Courant Institute, New York University and printed on canvas at Light Work, Syracuse University, in 2017.