I inhabit two worlds, the Art World and the Computer World. My work is a record of making Art with digital imaging technology for more than 40 years, as the technology developed. I am fascinated by where color sits in space,  by visual complexity that may incorporate real and virtual elements, captured as a two-dimensional painting on canvas, or experienced in a fully immersive 3DVR world. While my images, may at first appear to have elements reminiscent of more traditional, abstracted, still-life or landscape painting, further study reveals unexpected visual turns. The paintings have a new pallet and fill the space in a new, complex, multi-dimensional way, resulting in an updated esthetic... markers of our time. Techspressionism is a good way to think about my work.


Digital tools allow me to explore color in space in fundamentally new ways. My approach is formalist. I focus on the tools and work intuitively without a predetermined image in mind. I work digitally much the same way as I used to work in Acrylic on a large canvas: one color, one brush stroke at time, to build a painting.  While the images that result, may appear to  have elements reminiscent of traditional still-life or landscape painting abstracted, they have a new color pallet, a different feel, an updated esthetic, that are markers of our time.


I use digital tools in each stage of my creative processes, including putting the final image on canvas but all the creativity comes from me.  I paint in a fully immersive three-dimensional virtual world (3DVR) with colored light, creating large 3DVR colored light sculptures all around me, taking snapshot cropped pictures, from many  angles. Sometimes, I take one of these 3D colored light sculptures, as an alternative  reality (AR) object, and place it in a real-world environment and take snapshot cropped pictures of this mixed reality (MR).  Some of these crops become my next step in creating a digital painting on canvas.


When I started using digital tools color printers and Adobe software didn’t exist. I wanted to paint in 3D years before the technology was able to do it. Over time I continued using the latest digital tools . My painting evolved with the digital revolution. Today I can describe my work as digital from end to end.