Immersive Experiences

  • Audio Trailer for Darcy's Painting and Sculpture Garden 2021

    Audio Design and Video Production by Chase Chandler - September 27, 2021

  • Darcy's Painting and Sculpture Garden

    Interactive WebGL


    (WebGL Load Time: <60 seconds)

    WALK Forward or Backward: click Up or Down-arrow key

    SPRINT Forward or BackwardWalk while pressing Left Shift key

    LOOK Left or Right: press Left or Right-arrow key

    LOOK Up or Down: click Left mouse and drag Forward or Backward

    Full Screen: Click Blue Enlarge icon; Press ESC to exit

  • Peony MR Video

  • DGStudio4 - Gallery Walk Through


  • Fly through 3DVR Light Sculpture

  • The Inside and Outside Virtual Painting Experience

    Shown at CADAF, Art Miami 2019