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SOUTHAMPTON, NY/ONLINE ART FAIR (September 2, 2020) — Abstract expressionist Darcy Gerbarg is the individual featured digital painter at what has been the annual Hamptons Art Fair. This year, confronted with the restrictions of COVID, this established summer Hamptons Art Fair, with gallery access from September 2-7, 2020, has moved online.


As a longtime digital artist and consummate 3DVR painter, Gerbarg's work perfectly aligns with the demand for virtual and immersive artworks and online gallery showings. Her Hampton's Virtual Art Fair 2020 gallery features pieces from The Inside and Outside Pictures and The Syracuse Pictures collections as well as snapshots of billboards from her immersive BRCvr, Darcy's Painting and Sculpture Garden. Her large-scale digital paintings are available on canvas.


The Syracuse Pictures, an ongoing series of unique images, begun in 2016, are developed from cropped images taken from her 3DVR colored light sculptures, with a virtual camera, in a virtual world. The color' brush' strokes 'painted' with colored light, in the virtual world (3DVR) and the entire process, exclusive of the artist's physical abstract expressionist stroke-making gestures, is digital. For the Inside and Outside Pictures, Gerbarg places these 3DVR sculptures in real-world environments where they are captured in snapshots as part of the real-world settings. Finally, these paintings are output onto canvas by the artist, using large scale printers at Lightwork, a high-end photography center, stretched, framed for hanging, exhibited, and offered on walls in the real world and online. Gerbarg describes the process as "digital from end to end," and now, with Gerbarg's collections being featured in the Hamptons Virtual Art Fair 2020, the existence of her art in the digital world continues.


"I was invited to exhibit my paintings at this group's first Silicon Valley Art Fair in 2014. They sought to bring Digital Art to the technology community. I commend this organization for taking the risk on Digital Art and developing new potential Art venues. The Hamptons Virtual Art Fair 2020 is a courageous step into what is clearly a changing Art World, where Art is exhibited in real and virtual Art Fairs, Art Auctions, Art Museums, and Art Galleries as well as Virtual World Art Communities.


Curator, David S. Rubin, long familiar with Gerbarg's work, describes her work this way; "Whereas the real world is physically non-existent but sometimes subtly depicted virtually in The Syracuse Pictures, it holds an equal position with formalist abstraction in Gerbarg's Inside and Outside PicturesThe Inside and Outside Pictures challenge viewers to determine what is real and what is an illusion, a puzzlement that is often confounded by the presence of photographed imagery seen through doors and windows."


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Gerbarg's artwork has been exhibited and is represented in museums and corporate collections including The Victoria and Albert Museum; Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; The Everson Museum, Syracuse; The Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati; The Miami Art Museum; Siemens; Polaroid; Sierra Federal; Formica; The Smithsonian Institution; The IBM Gallery of Science and Art; Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol; Artware, Kunst und Elektronik, Dusseldorf; SIGGRAPH, Point of Contact Gallery, and Mark Borghi Fine Arts, to list a few.


Gerbarg's Inside and Outside Immersive Painting Experience, which runs on the Oculus Quest, along with her digital paintings on canvas, was exhibited at the CADAF Miami Art Fair 2019.


Darcy's Painting and Sculpture Garden, a 3DVR immersive, interactive world, created for BRCvr2020, can be experienced with Oculus Quest Goggles or PCs through her Portal on the Playa at


Darcy Gerbarg began creating artworks with digital technologies, using traditional art techniques years before the Apple computer had color, Adobe Photoshop, or color printers were invented. In 1979 she began as a guest artist in several of the first computer graphics research labs and companies where they were inventing 3D computer animation and digital paint systems; first, NYIT, then Magi SynthaVision (original Tron movie-3D animation) than others. In 2016 at the Future Reality Lab, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, Gerbarg started painting The Syracuse Pictures and The Inside and Outside Paintings in a virtual world—3DVR goggles on. She exhibits these paintings on canvas in traditional Art World venues as well as in her interactive, immersive 3DVR pieces. She welcomes the opportunity to exhibit and offer her work in professional online Art venues, particularly the Hamptons Virtual Art Fair 2020.


Gerbarg taught the first computer Art courses for Artists, in the New York metropolitan area, at New York University, in 1980. She produced and directed the first SIGGRAPH Art Shows in 1981 and 1982. She went on, in the mid-'80s, to launch the first MFA in Computer Art Program at the School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY. She is a past Executive Director of the Marconi Society and remains a long time Senior Fellow at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, CITI, Columbia University. Gerbarg is also the editor of the Springer book series, The Economics of Information, Communications, and Entertainment: The Impacts of Digital Technology in the 21st Century.



ShowHamptons produces professional, high-profile, well attended Art Fairs nationally. They have created inaugural Art Fairs in The Hamptons, Aspen, Houston, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Palm Springs with dramatic ongoing results. The Hamptons Virtual Art Fair 2020 (HVAF) is a new digital initiative that takes the place of their canceled physical Hamptons summer Art Fair. This online fair is pioneering the use of state-of-the-art online technology. It provides a new opportunity for collectors to view and shop for art with their computers in the comfort of their homes.


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To experience the Billboard Paintings in a 3DVR World with Oculus Quest Goggles or a PC: and enter Darcy's Painting and Sculpture Garden Portal.
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