Exhibition 2023 at Hearst Galleries: Hearst Tower, New York, NY

November 9, 2022 - June 1, 2023

Οscar Wilde, a talented aphorist, perhaps an underrated philosopher, advised us that the past is for the historians; the present is the realm of journalists; artists are the future. By regularly exhibiting in the Hearst Galleries visions of a diverse group of today’s working artists from across the U.S., we hope to extend our ongoing exploration and appreciation of new thoughts, new visions and new realities. Artists dream dreams no one else has dreamt, conjure visions no one else has seen. They ask inconvenient questions, push boundaries and forecast worlds beyond the horizon.

      We invite you to linger and to ponder the preoccupations of today’s visionaries.

      Welcome to

-- Gil Maurer

Who could deny that every work of art was once a contemporary work of art? Every painting hanging in the Met, from Titian and Tiepolo to Bruegel, was once brand new, once gleamed with wet pigment in someone’s studio, was once in need of  a comprehending, compassionate eye.

-- Deborah Solomon

Installation Views
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GERBARG, DARCY pages 2-3

Discovered Objects, 2019

Courtesy of the ARTIST

Gerbarg is a pioneer artist living in NY whose art straddles two worlds: the art world and the computer world. She is fascinated by visual complexity that incorporates real and virtual objects, captured as a painting in a 2D picture plane or experienced in a fully immersive 3DVR world.